• 18.März 2019 - 23. März 2019 | Berlin |

    European Fundraising Course

    18.März 2019 - 23. März 2019
    10:00 - 18:00 Uhr

    10117 Berlin

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    To fully realise your Not-for-Profit Organisation’s (NPO) potential in achieving its strategic goals, maximising the effectiveness of your chosen fundraising methods is essential. This course will provide insights into international best practice fundraising and will demonstrate how to integrate these insights into your organisation, ensuring success in your particular ontext.

    As cross-border cooperation of many European countries continues to deepen, there are also growing fundraising opportunities to be found beyond your country’s borders. However, fundraising norms and procedures across Europe can vary and must be fully understood to successfully expand and compete in these foreign markets. This course details the essentials of how best to devise a potent fundraising strategy with such a European focus, as well as a complete programme covering the various methods available to execute such a strategy.

    This course provides high quality training by leading experts in their fields to ensure that you leave this course equipped with the skillset required to excel in the European fundraising market.

    In this course, you will learn how to devise a fundraising strategy that will have maximum impact. Specific elements of successful fundraising strategies will be taught each day of the course and will form a comprehensive package designed to instil all the relevant skills to make you an expert fundraiser. After participating in this course you will be able to implement various key fundraising strategies within your own organisation to successfully navigate the fundraising market in your home country. You will also be equipped with skills to expand and compete in fundraising markets across Europe.

    The target groups are individuals who desire a high quality education in all facets of European fundraising and wish to learn international best practice and seeking to improve fundraising systems at an organisational level. This course also focuses on NPOs looking to expand the reach of their fundraising efforts beyond their borders.