• 18.März 2019 - 18. März 2019 | Berlin |

    Fundraising Strategy – How to set the path to the future

    18.März 2019 - 18. März 2019
    10:00 - 18:00 Uhr

    10117 Berlin

    Einzelheiten zur Veranstaltung

    Times are challenging for non-profit organizations. Resources and budgets are scarce and obtaining reasonable funding becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, NPOs are forced to set priorities and choose wisely among many possible ways to fulfil their mission. A careful and strategic assessment of the different options is necessary. In order to survive, NPOs will need to develop integrated fundraising strategies which access a wider range of funding sources to jointly maximise the exploitation of the market potential. By taking into account the market potential, the organization‘s objectives, and available resources a strong fundraising strategy helps you in making choices and setting priorities for what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and how.

    In this workshop you will gain a sound understanding of how to develop a sustainable fundraising strategy to fund an organization’s overall objectives. Participants will gain an understanding about the process, methodologies and techniques to meet this challenge. Furthermore, you will acquire techniques to determine the potential for fundraising, how to balance a mix of fundraising activities matching resources and budget available. This seminar is suitable for ALL NPOs – from global to local, from large to small.

    The target groups of this seminar are Executive Board Members and Managing Directors with strategic responsibility for fundraising, Fundraising Directors, people interested in the topic of fundraising strategy and how to establish it as well as fundraisers and those who would like to become one.