• 30.Juni 2020 - 30. Juni 2020 | Berlin | Externe Veranstaltung

    Webinar: Developing a successful fundraising strategy – How to write and implement your fundraising plan

    30.Juni 2020 - 30. Juni 2020
    10:00 - 11:30 Uhr

    10117 Berlin
    Externe Veranstaltung

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    Having a strategy is vital to achieving fundraising success. Indeed, studies show that non-profits who adopt a strategic planning approach are more successful than those who don’t. Taking a strategic approach to fundraising planning helps to ensure that your organisation uses its core strengths to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, whilst mitigating against external threats and internal weaknesses. This webinar will cover how to go about developing a strategic fundraising plan, taking into account the uncertain external situation which we find ourselves in. It will include how to audit the external and internal environments, develop objectives and putting in place appropriate strategies and tactics to ensure success, as well as measuring whether that success has been achieved.

    his workshop will focus on building a successful fundraising strategy. It will cover how to audit the external and internal fundraising environments (considering the specific circumstances of a post-Covid world). It will then examine how to use that data to set fundraising objectives, consider the overarching strategic approach and develop actionable tactics. Finally, it will cover implementing a plan, and measuring success. The session is designed for people with existing experience in fundraising who are seeking to build their knowledge around strategic planning.

    People who have some past experience of fundraising, who are seeking to build their knowledge around strategic fundraising planning.

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