INDIAdonates, a transformative social initiative in the social development space, was set up in the year 2018 by Dr Sanjay Patra and Mr Sandeep Sharma, primarily to support small and mid-sized Indian NGO’s to become sustainable.

Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 40. Jubiläum des Englischen Fundraising Verbands

Fundraising Verband Austria

Als Dachverband für Österreichs Spendenorganisationen richtet sich der Fundraising Verband Austria an alle Personen und Organisationen, die im Fundraising und Sponsoring tätig sind oder NPOs im Fundraising und Sponsoring beraten und unterstützen.


Als Berufsorganisation der Fundraiser:innen in der Schweiz schafft swissfundraising die Grundlagen und vermitteln die Kompetenzen, damit Fundraiser:innen und Organisationen mehr Wirkung entfalten können.

Unsere internationalen Tätigkeiten und Verbindungen

Internationale Partnerschaften

European Fundraising Assiciation

The European Fundraising Association is a network of national fundraising organisations, working to strengthen and develop fundraising across Europe.


Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. Join the GivingTuesday movement and reimagine a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity.

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the resource alliance

The Resource Alliance exists to connect and empower those people, organisations, and entities that are creating positive, lasting change in the world.

Certified Fundraising Executive

CFRE International certifies experienced fundraising professionals aspiring to the highest standards of ethics, competence and service to the philanthropic sector.

sofii. showcase of fundraising, innovation and inspiration

SOFII is a charity that has been created by fundraisers for fundraisers, sharing the innovation and inspiration that drives and invigorates our sector.