Our Committed Patrons:

Bread for the World’s generous support in the early stage of development and investment in building what INDIAdonates is today, made a shared dream take its flight. INDIAdonates is extremely grateful to Bread for the World’s unwavering commitment to supporting social development has been a consistent force behind the success of not only INDIAdonates but many social development organizations across the world. Throughout the journey, Bread for the World has continued to provide invaluable support, recognizing the significance of building institutional capacity and fostering sustainable growth. The continued support from Bread for the World has played a crucial role in strengthening the capabilities of INDIAdonates and its partner organizations. By investing in capacity-building initiatives, Bread for the World has enabled the platform to enhance its efficiency, effectiveness, and long-term impact on communities across India. In addition to financial assistance, Bread for the World’s guidance and expertise have been instrumental in shaping INDIAdonates’ strategies and approaches. This collaborative approach has resulted in a more robust and agile platform, well-equipped to address evolving challenges and seize new opportunities in the social development landscape.

Bread for the World’s steadfast dedication to INDIAdonates demonstrates their shared vision of creating positive social change and uplifting vulnerable populations. By extending their support, they have not only contributed to the success of the platform but also to the broader mission of promoting accountability and sustainable development in India. As the partnership between Bread for the World and INDIAdonates continues to flourish, the collective efforts serve as a powerful catalyst for transforming lives and building a brighter future for marginalized communities. Together, they exemplify the true essence of impactful collaboration, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need and inspiring others to join the mission of social empowerment and change.

Authors: Sandeep Sharma and Uttama Pandit

INDIAdonates, Uttama Pandit
INDIAdonates, Sandeep Sharma